The Taitoc concept is built on three training modules that progressively progress toward new skill challenges. The main goal of the concept is to support the development of children and young people into diverse movers and athletes and to equip them to develop sports skills.


TAITOC® Training Programs

TAITOC Foundations

Building and updating skills

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TAITOC Performance

Optimal use of the acquired movement

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TAITOC Pro Skills

Developing sport-specific skill elements

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Taitoc for Life

Fitness for health, function and performance


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TAITOC – Optimal use of the program

Taitoc – Individual training sessions

Taitoc coaching and training can be utilized as individual sessions. The exercises and the training sessions may be connected to the sport practice as a movement preparation session or as complimentary sessions as a part of a training camp.

Taitoc – Assessment Tools

The assessements can be included within the sessioons of a skill training group or a camp. Specific progress evaluation sessions and events can be facilitated as individual sessions created only for assessing the level of the participants and idenfifying the areas of improvement within a given group. 

Taitoc – Skill Training Camps

The Taitoc content can be used as the content for designing and executing various skill training camps for various age, level or sport groups.

Taitoc – Skill Coaching Groups

Taitoc progamming can be applied in launching new skill coaching groups within the ir own training environment. The prepared skill coaching program templates enable a quick planning process and  structured high-quality training sessions to take place for skill training groups of various levels. 

Taitoc – Training program building tool

With the training program building tool the entire movement library can be accessed and used for designing custom training programs and for sharing them with your own group.