Taitoc Start

Taitoc Start training module emphasizes the development of fundamental movement abilities through skill coaching

The training is focused on improving each individual movement and identifying the optimal technique of performing it. The goal of Taitoc Start is to highlight some of the key concepts of Taitoc and to inspire the participant to dive deeper into the rewarding world of motor skill development. 

The training itself takes place in a stimulating learning environment, that offers a variety of opportunities for movement discovery and problem solving. An adaptable learning environment ensures that everyone will be met with an appropriate level of challenge based on the individual abilities and experiences. 


Taitoc Start stresses the importance of developing and strengthening foundational and functional movement skills. The main elements are body control, jumping, leaping, landing, running and stopping as well as change of direction and agility. Additionally, ball handling is integrated into the training sessions for the development of throwing and catching skills and patterns. 

Consequently, through the various movement skill exercises, the Taitoc Start training module will also enhance the various elements of fitness, such as cardiovascular endurance, strength and balance. 

Each training session includes a comprehensive warm-up sequence that is divided into two parts; functional body control and range of motion development. The goal of the skill-driven warm-up is to ensure that functional strength and mobility will be improved simultaneously with the movement skill progressions. In the end of each training session, a special core training element is performed after which the participants will receive a ‘home-work exercise’ that motivates to practice outside of the formal training session as well. 

Taitoc example report

Taitoc Start Assessment -module

The assessment module gives instructor the tools and the content to assess the skills levels and track the progress. The test movements used for the assessment are selected from the most essential Taitoc Start skills. 

The assessment -module functions as a measuring tool in the beginning and in the end of the program and provides important information about the level of the foundational motor skills and the elements of fitness. The progress evaluation includes an assessment software that formulates a comprehensive analysis and a report of each individual, the level of the skills and the potential areas of improvement.

Taitoc Start Coaching Certification

Taitoc Start Coaching Certification module is a lighter version of the Foundations Coaching Certification -module giving a great overview and insight into the principles and the methods of Taitoc program. Taitoc Start Coaching Certification module provides a collection of the most essential tools for practical training and evaluation of motor skills for the children, the youth and the adults. This module consists of lectures and practical hands-on learning.  

Taitoc Start Coaching Certification module focuses on the methods of building and updating the movement library as well as on assessing the motor skills with the assessment tools. With the completion of Taitoc Start Coaching Certification -module the participants will be awarded the Taitoc Start Coaching Certificate, and with it, the preparedness and permission to utilize the Taitoc Start training programs and progress evaluation tools.

Taitoc Start Coaching Certification content:

  • Lecture 1: Taitoc-philosophy + The Theory of Skill learning
  • Lecture 2: Taitoc Start Assessment (instructions and use)
  • Practical Hands-on: Taitoc Start training programs 1-4 + Taitoc Start Assessment tool

Taitoc Start Coaching Certification key topics:

  • Skill coaching programs
  • Movement skill progressions
  • Teaching fundamental motor skills
  • Building foundations for optimal movement
  • Developing elements of physical fitness through skill coaching
  • General movement skills and sport-specific movement skills
  • Assessing fundamental motor skills and identifying the areas of improvement
  • Individualized programing of general movement skills
  • Creating a diverse skill learning environment
  • Taitoc online: Instructions and effective usage

Taitoc Start Coaching Certification practical training content:


  • Functional core
  • Range of motion and mobility
  • Functional strength 
  • Body control (gymnastics)
  • Jumping, leaping, hopping, taking off, landing
  • Throwing and catching (ball)
  • Running mechanics
  • Change of direction
  • Perceptual motor skills
  • Physical fitness characteristics

Taitoc Training

The Taitoc training package provides tools for implementing comprehensive skills training for children and young people and for assessing their development. The trainings are based on theoretical lectures and practical teaching.

For whom?

Taitoc Start Coaching Certification is designed for coaches, instructors, teachers and physical therapists who work with children, youth or adults. There are no pre-requisites for taking this certification course.

The duration and the format

The certification courses are held in the spaces and facilities that the course participants typically operate on a daily basis. The duration of the course is 8 hours. The format can be customized to fit the needs of the participants and the host.

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Taitoc Online licence

Taitoc licence for accessing the Taitoc Online may be purchased after completing the course. The Taitoc Online licence can be used in different environments with various functions (individual, team, club, organization, daycare facility, school, town etc.)

Taitoc Online licence includes:

  • Programming skill coaching/ the skill learning path
  • Exercises/movements
  • Video demonstrations
  • Progress evaluation tools (reports, graphs, database)
  • Username/password for the instructors
  • Username/password for the athletes, students, clients

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