TAITOC Foundations

The Foundations-module includes the tools for building and updating a comprehensive movement skill library and for the development of movement and body control

The main theme of the Taitoc Foundations is body control, jumping, leaping, taking off, landing, running mechanics, change of direction and partner-assisted agility. In addition, the movement skill exercises are integrated with the skills of throwing and catching a ball.

The Foundations –program is designed to improve all the elements of physical fitness through the practice of skill movements. 

In conjunction with the main learning theme, each training session starts with a movement preparation component that is divided into development of body control and mobility. Movement preparation warm-up helps build functional strength and flexibility that ensures that fundamental skills as well as physiological abilities are developing hand in hand. A core strengthening segment takes place in the end of training session. Also, each participant is given a movement homework that is meant to be a motivation for independent learning and training until the group meets again.

Foundations 1

The level 1 of the Foundations -module is based on understanding each of the movement skills and on learning the correct execution in an inspiring learning and training environment. The program offers a wide range of exercises and a variety of movement tasks through random-practice format. The movement skill sessions are put together as stations which allows individual learning challenges arranged according to the personal abilities of the learner. The level 1 is also laying the foundation for perceptual motor skills and physical fitness creating a balanced training program for learning and developing the motor and movement skills.

Foundations 2

The second level aims to strengthen learned movement patterns and techniques. As the movement library grows, the movement skill exercises expand from single movement to combinations of movements. These combined movement skills bring us closer to integrated elements of rhythm and coordination. The main focus is still on the quality of movement and the technique with the addition of new challenges through novel learning environments and external stimuli. On Foundations Level 2, the physical conditioning demands grow and the elements of fitness are developed further. 

Taitoc example report

Foundations Assessment -module

The Assessment -module gives instructor the tools and the content to evaluate the skills levels and track the progress. Taitoc Foundations 1 and 2 both have their own tracking and progress evaluation -tools. The test movements used for the progress evaluation are selected from the most essential Foundations skills. 

The Assessment -module functions as a measuring tool in the beginning and in the end of the program and provides important information about the level of the foundational motor skills and the elements of fitness. The evaluation includes an assessment software that formulates a comprehensive analysis and a report of each individual, the level of the skills and the potential areas of improvement.

Taitoc Foundations Coaching Certification


Taitoc Foundations Coaching Certification -module provides a comprehensive toolbox for practical training and evaluation of motor skills for the children, the youth and the adults. This module consists of lectures and practical hands-on learning.  

Taitoc Foundations Coaching Certification -module focuses on the methods of building and updating the movement library as well as on tracking and evaluating the motor skills with the Taitoc Assessment -tools. With the completion of Foundations Coaching Certifcation -module the participants will be awarded the Taitoc Foundations Coaching Certificate, and with it, the preparedness and permission to utilize the Taitoc training programs and assessment tools.

Taitoc Foundations Coaching Certification content:

  • Lecture 1: Taitoc-philosophy + The Theory of Skill learning 1
  • Lecture 2: Taitoc Foundations Assessment 1-2 (instructions and use)
  • Practical Hands-on: Taitoc Foundations training programs 1-20 + Taitoc Foundations Assessment tool 1-2

Taitoc Foundations Coaching Certification key topics:

  • Skill coaching programs
  • Movement skill progressions
  • Teaching fundamental motor skills
  • Building foundations for optimal movement
  • Developing elements of physical fitness through skill coaching
  • General movement skills and Sport-specific movement skills
  • Assessing fundamental motor skills and identifying the areas of improvement
  • Individualized programing of general movement skills
  • Creating a diverse skill learning environment
  • Taitoc online: Instructions and effective usage

Taitoc Foundations Coaching Certification – practical training content:


  • Functional core
  • Range of motion and mobility
  • Functional strength 
  • Body control (gymnastics)
  • Jumping, leaping, hopping, taking off, landing
  • Throwing and catching (ball)
  • Running mechanics
  • Change of direction
  • Perceptual motor skills
  • Physical fitness characteristics