Testimonial: Taitoc Recommendation Kärpät

The Strength and Conditioning Coaches and the Physical Therapists (7 people) from Oulun Kärpät Oy and Kärpät Ry ice-hockey organization participated in the Taitoc educational workshop in September (17.-18) 2019.

The course was excellent giving a variety of different models for skill practice for both the young athletes as well as the professionals. The movement progressions, variations and applications allow building of a comprehensive foundation for the learning of motor skills. The theoretical portion of the course prepares for the massive and practical in-person content. The digital content covers much material, it is professionally created and completes the practical learning with clear and functional visual demonstrations.

We utilize the Taitoc program within the Kärpät organization as the most essential corner stone in practising skills as well as with developing the physical training path for the junior as well as the adult players.

In Oulu, April 24th, 2020
Samppa Jaakola, Strength and Conditioning Coach
Oulun Kärpät